Communications Certificate

Communications Certificate student

This certificate will equip you with the top skills employers are seeking: exceptional writing, speaking, teamwork, customer service, critical thinking, and business communications:

  • Develop solutions to complex problems
  • Speak and persuade with confidence and authenticity
  • Enhance customer relationships
  • Contribute meaningfully to teams and projects.

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Communications Certificate Courses

Required courses (42 contact hours) Cost
Communicating Across Cultures (6 hours) $420
Critical Thinking and Problem Solving (6 hours) $420
Negotiate for Agreement (6 hours) $420
Develop Effective Business Conversation Skills (6 hours) $420
Fostering Customer Relationships (6 hours) $420
Foundations in Business Writing (6 hours) $420
Team Communications (6 hours) $420


Elective courses (choose 3 courses for 18 contact hours) Cost
Business Storytelling with Intention (6 hours) $420
Communicating in the Moment (6 hours) $420
Handle People with Tact and Diplomacy (6 hours) $420
Successfully Deal with Conflict at Work (6 hours) $420
Writing Business Reports and Proposals (6 hours) $420
Writing for the Web (6 hours) $420
Writing for Social Media (6 hours) $420

Not interested in a certificate? Courses can be taken individually. See the full list of professional development courses.

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