David Nakagawa

David Nakagawa came to the University of Minnesota from Brazil in order to study and improve his English. The Minnesota English Language Program (MELP) was a great fit for him, helping to develop his language skills as well as offering assistance with the challenges of transitioning into a new culture. 


Nakagawa shares the impact that MELP had on him:

“MELP was my first contact with the US, Minneapolis, and the University of Minnesota. I don’t know if I can put into words what kind of experience I had with MELP; it was one of the best parts of being here. I was impressed with the organized and efficient work with the classes and events. I was also impressed with how MELP dealt with immigration details.

“In addition to all the academic learning and super fun experiences in the summer, I went through some challenges over the course of the year. MELP staff helped me through those. The professionalism and generosity of the MELP team won me over. I can’t express how lucky I feel for this experience with MELP, the U of M, and Minneapolis.”

David is now studying in Chicago at the Illinois Institute of Technology doing research about 3D printing as applied to custom footwear. He was invited to participate in this research after participating in 3D classes at the U of M.