It can be tricky to address sensitive topics on race, gender, or LGBTQ inequality. Throw together people with different backgrounds and personalities, and the challenges to meaningful and respectful communication increase. Conversations on sensitive topics can seem daunting because they often elicit strong thoughts and emotions that can expose (sometimes hidden) values, assumptions, and perspectives of coworkers that clash with our own. Yet these are necessary and urgent conversations to have with team members and between departments if your organization wants to improve equity and inclusion in the workplace.

In this webinar we'll examine insights and share tips for:

White woman (smiling) and black man (facing away from the camera) in deep discussion
  • Establishing the right mindset.
  • Tailoring facilitation techniques and skills.
  • Handling delicate dynamics on the spot.
  • Evaluating and improving how we facilitate sensitive conversations.

Webinar presenter and CCAPS instructor Carolien Moors, MPsych and MEd., is an organizational consultant, speaker, and leadership and team coach from the Netherlands with 30 years of experience in Europe and the United States. In her work, Moors focuses on candor, accountability, and change.

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