Blog Post by Faras Al-Farsi

The following blog post was written by Faras Al-Farsi. Faras is a student in the Minnesota English Language Program (MELP). During summer sessions, the students visit different places in the Twin Cities for a cultural experience. Here is Faras's experience of a trip to the Stone Arch Bridge, Izzy's Ice Cream, and The Guthrie. 


MELP went on a day trip to Izzy’s Ice Cream and Stone Arch Bridge. The trip was meant to make us familiar with the historical background of Minneapolis.

The Stone Arch Bridge was the first spark of Minneapolis. Despite the fact that many MELP students were fasting, the trip went really well. Many people from different countries came. It was huge fun.

We gathered in front of the MELP office at 2:30 p.m. Three MELP instructors were leading the trip—Eric, Leah, and Ellen. We walked to the bus stop across the street from Jones Hall. Everyone was looking right and left trying to find someone to talk to. Students were friendly and excited.

sitting in grass

We took the bus to downtown Minneapolis and then we walked to Izzy’s Ice Cream. The new students were amazed by the beauty of the city, especially the Guthrie Theater and Gold Medal Park. Some students went to Izzy’s to buy some ice cream while the others sat on the grass near Izzy’s. The weather was incredible. We went through a lot of things with the Instructors about the history of Minneapolis. Dogs were all over the place, barking and playing. The place was full of energy.


After that, we walked to the Guthrie Theater. The theater has a beautiful balcony where you can see the bridge and the river. Many students took photos and selfies, and we took a nice group photo. The theater was about to close, so we were glad we made it. Then, we finally went to the bridge. Some students chose to see the Mill Ruins beneath the bridge, and some others went up to walk across the bridge. Walking on the bridge was an amazing experience for new students. It was impossible not to enjoy the view and the scenery.

Activities like this help the students adjust in the community and increase their knowledge about the culture and the place. Above all else, it is a major opportunity to make friends and relax after a long stressful week. Summer is here.