Difficult and uncertain times put us at a higher risk of relationship tension, resulting in conflicts. We are shorter-fused, less tolerant, and therefore more at risk of being hooked by our emotions. The use of self-control and other self-management techniques is important to calming our emotions and strengthening relationships during this volatile time.

In this webinar we'll help you:

White bearded man with glasses talking and gesticulating to white woman
  • recognize your pressure points and current response to stress and conflict.
  • identify what has worked for you in resolving past conflicts.
  • collaborate to accomplish shared goals.
  • lower defensiveness by understanding and meeting each other’s needs.
  • plan what you’re going to do differently to deter conflict from arising.

Webinar presenter Jean Morrison's expertise includes conflict resolution, team building, performance management, and people management. Jean is president of human resource management consulting firm Morrison & Associates, Inc., and a founding partner of RESOLVE, a consulting firm providing conflict management and professional training and development services. 

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