Whether or not you have a role in creating strategy for your organization, if you're in a management or supervisory position, you have a role to play in strategy execution.

Organizations need people who think and act strategically. Executive teams cannot implement strategy on their own. Those who understand an organization’s goals—and who can align their efforts in support of those goals—not only add value to the organization but find their efforts can enhance their career.

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The ability to execute separates successful organizations from their competitors and gives a career advantage to those able to think and act strategically. In this webinar, we'll explore how strategic plans are created and the mechanisms for strategy execution that lead to the accomplishment of goals.

After this webinar you'll know:

  • how strategic plans are created.
  • mechanisms for strategy execution.
  • which measures drive performance.

Webinar presenter Richard (Dick) R. DeBlieck has been a project manager for over 30 years. He instructs project management and leadership courses for the University of Minnesota, and is president of Summit Management Consulting Services, specializing in management and organizational development.

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