Thao Cao

Thao Cao is an international student studying at the University of Minnesota’s Minnesota English Language Program (MELP). Originally from Vietnam, Thao transferred from Nguyen Tat Thanh University to study Business at the U of M. In the Q&A below, Thao shares more about herself and her experiences in MELP.

Thao Cao

CCAPS: Why did you choose to attend the University of Minnesota?

TC: At first, choosing University of Minnesota was a random choice because I had no idea which school was the best. I chose U of M because of its fame and quality. Since then, I’ve had no regret with my decision.

CCAPS: What was the hardest part in moving to a foreign country?

TC: The hardest part in moving to a foreign country is the weather. My country, Vietnam, is an Asian country and we’re used to hot weather. I came to Minnesota when it was winter, and it was really hard since Minnesota is the second coldest state in America.

CCAPS: What was the best part about moving to a foreign country?

TC: I will always remember the time spent in MELP. I met a lot of friends who came from Saudi Arabia, Oman, China, and Japan. I’ve learned a bunch of things about cultures, languages, and even creative thinking. For me, being friends with students, and even teachers, is the best thing in my life.

CCAPS: What was the biggest help for you in your transition to the U of M?

TC: I want to say thanks to all my MELP teachers and friends who helped. Thanks to them, I was not alone, and I could learn new things.

CCAPS: What was the most exciting part about MELP?

TC: I joined MELP’s activities and it was so much fun. I tried ice skating and snow tubing for the first time in my life. Moreover, MELP’s activities let me have more friends and be closer with teachers.

CCAPS: If you could describe MELP in one word, what would it be and why?

TC: How can I describe MELP in just one word when it’s more than awesome? Anyway, MELP is not only a place to study English: it’s also my second family.

CCAPS: What advice do you have for future MELP students?

TC: Be confident and be yourself. Just enjoy every MELP class. You don’t want to miss that.