When making edits to your content or when trying to troubleshoot a problem with visibility of content in the course you will want to view your Canvas course as a student. The Student View function can be used for this task.

Step 1: Turning on Student View

On the top-right of the homepage there is a button for "Student View". Click on it to enter student view mode.

On the home page of your course look at the top-right menu and you will see a Student View button with a reading glasses icon. Click on the button to enter Student View.

Step 2: Using Student View

A pink menu bar will appear at the bottom showing that you are in Student View Mode.

A pink/purple a menu on the bottom will appear. You are now in Student View mode. You can now navigate the course as a student will. This means you are limited to the same functionality (can't edit pages and activities, can't see unpublished items) as a student. When you go in to this mode, a new student—"Test Student"—will appear in your roster. This is so you can test submissions.


Step 3: Reset Scores and Leave Student View

On the bottom-left corner there are buttons to reset the Test Student submissions and to leave Student View.

If you have made test submissions or tested out a quiz and want to clear out the Test Student date, click on the "Reset Student" button on the bottom right

To leave Student View, click on the "Leave Student View" button on the bottom right.

For more information on Student View please reference the Canvas Community page "How do I view a course as a test student using Student View?"