We are at the halfway point of summer! It goes by so fast! Here are a few reminders for our CCAPS instructors and staff. CCAPS Academic Technology and Design is happy to continue our efforts to provide technological, media enriched, and pedagogical assistance for CCAPS courses.

Important Reminders

Instructors Are Now Responsible for Opening Courses

Previously, ATD opened fully online or blended courses one week before the semester to allow students to acclimate to the online environment. Now, instructors will control when their courses open. We recommend that course sites open one week before the course start date; instructors may open courses between two weeks before the course start date and the day the course begins. Learn more on how to open your course.

Note: For new courses, redesigns, or revisions, please contact your instructional designer about when your course site will be opened.

1XXX Level Course Midterm Grade Notifications

Instructors are required to provide in-progress notifications for all 1XXX courses to students who, on the basis of performance to date in the course, appear to be in danger of receiving a grade of D, F, or N. More information on these notifications and on how to submit them can be found on the Academic Support Resources Mid-term grades site.

Final Date for New ATD Work Requests

The final day to request new ATD work—including consultations—for fall courses is August 4. After this date, all requests require special approval from the ATD Associate Director.

Teaching Tips

  • ATSS Event Calendar: Looking for some Teaching Support? Academic Technology and Student Services offers a number of casual and formal seminars/webinars that cater to a variety of skill sets. Explore the Events Calendar: Teaching Support.
  • Resource Updates: Now that it’s summer, it might be a good time to revisit fall courses and assess whether they need resource updates. Use the CCAPS-ATD Service Request form to request help with updating or obtaining new resources.
  • One Best Place: ATD adheres to a one-best-place policy when populating content to your Canvas course site. This ensures minimal confusion and maximum course usability. It also reduces errors when information can be found in multiple places. If you would like assistance revising your site’s organization, consider scheduling a consultation with ATD using the Service Request form!

ATD Highlight

As part of our Digital Accessibility series, in this Highlight we are showcasing Tables and Accessibility! We have used tables in one way since they are useful to display the relationship between different types and/or sets of data. That said, there are some considerations to take so that your tables can accommodate students that need to use screen-readers. Check out the article to learn more!