As your course evolves, your rubric will need to change. This tutorial will help you with the steps to finding a rubric.

Note: Once a rubric has been used, meaning you have used it to evaluate students in at least one activity, you cannot make changes to that rubric especially if it is a rubric tied to multiple activities. If you need help with changing a rubric, please reach out to CCAPS-ATD for assistance. 

Step 1: Go to Rubric

In the left-hand navigation menu click on Rubrics.

In the Rubrics page click on the link with the name of the rubric you wish to edit.

On the Rubrics page click on the link for the rubric you wish to edit.

Step 2: Go to Edit Rubric Page

On the right side of the rubric page, click on the Edit Rubric button.

On the top right click on "Edit Rubric"


The rubric editing page has the same functional use as when creating one. Please read the Creating a Rubric tutorial if you need assistance with functions of the rubric editing page.