The University of Minnesota College of Continuing and Professional Studies (CCAPS) offers a variety of career skills training for dislocated workers:

Our programs are designed to provide the professional skills necessary for people to return to the workforce with confidence. A professional certificate from the University of Minnesota can impart practical skills that are in demand by top organizations in all industries.

As a Dislocated Worker Program (DWP) counselor, this is your guide to two third-party enrollment processes for CCAPS programs.

Professional Certificates and Registration

Fees reflect a discount for registering all courses in a certificate at once. Certificates that are eligible for payment with funds provided through the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) are indicated. WIOA approval is at the discretion of DEED. Any program that lacks a WIOA approval has been confirmed as not eligible for WIOA approval by DEED.

CertificateFee (includes discount)WIOA Approved
Agile Scrum$2,887 
Business Analysis$4,041–$4,086X
Business Process Improvement$3,582X
Business Writing$1,890X
Certified Product Owner®$1,195 
Certified ScrumMaster®$1,195 
HR Test Prep$1,250 
Human Resources Generalist$3,780–$3,784.50X
Leadership Essentials$3,024X
Organization Development$3,042X
Professional Train-the-Trainer$2,916X
Project Management$4,059–$4,194X

Students can apply for CCAPS Scholarships and Grants to supplement costs not covered by Workforce Centers and Agencies.

Registration for Professional Certificates

(instructions for DWP counselors)

Registration with DWP Payment

  • Client applies for and secures funding from your agency.
  • You collect:
    • a promise of payment or billing contact details and amount specified.
    • the name of the chosen certificate.
    • client name, email, and phone number.
  • You provide collected information to CCAPS via either an online DWP registration form or email at
  • CCAPS confirms receipt to both you and the client.
  • The client provides the chosen course section(s) and date(s) to CCAPS via email at
  • Your billing contact receives an invoice via email in 1–2 weeks.

Boot Camps and Registration

To inquire about the fee for a specific boot camp, please contact admissions: 612-424-8605 or

All boot camps are eligible for payment with funds provided through the WIOA.

Boot CampWIOA Approved
Data Analytics and VisualizationX
Digital Marketing Boot CampX
Full Stack Web DevelopmentX

Admissions and Registration Process with DWP Payment

(instructions for DWP Counselors)

Your client contacts Boot Camp Admissions via web, chat, call, or email and connects with an admissions representative.

  • Your client gathers information about program availability, options, and requirements.
  • Three-Step Admissions Process
    1. Your client fills out an application, takes an aptitude test, and completes an interview.
    2. If your client successfully completes these steps, they are "Pending Enroll." CCAPS recommends they seek formal dislocated worker funding approval. There are no "early bird" discounts for third-party funded programs.
    3. Counselors may contact Shanta Bhoelai at CCAPS at with any questions about the programs.

DWP Payment Communications

  • Client provides payment documentation to the Boot Camp Admissions Representative.
    • Client informs admissions of the DWP funding amount, once known.
    • Client (or you) provides documentation of DWP promise of payment.
    • Client gets confirmation receipt.
    • Client confirms that their financial status includes third-party “workforce funding” and not “student pay” (100% student), then signs their financial plan to attend the Boot Camp.

DWP Agency provides UMN CCAPS billing and registration information.

  • You provide the billing and registration information to CCAPS via online Other Payment Type registration form or email to
    • a promise of payment or billing contact details.
    • the client’s name, email, and phone number.
    • the name of the boot camp with start and end dates.
  • CCAPS confirms receipt to both you and the student.
    • Your billing contact receives an invoice via email in 1–2 weeks.

Frequently Asked Questions for Workforce Counselors

How do I register my Dislocated Worker client for courses or a certificate?

Please note, our online registration system does not allow for third-party or invoice registrations. Once you have collected required information to complete a registration (a promise of payment or billing contact details and amount specified, the chosen certificate class(es) and sections/dates, and client name, email, and phone number), information may be submitted via this online DWP registration form. Full registration information may alternatively be submitted via email at

Once you have decided which course(s) or certificate program you would like to enroll in, download the appropriate registration form, complete the form, then fax or mail the form and a payment authorization from your workforce center to the College of Continuing and Professional Studies. The fax number and mailing address are on the registration form.

What is a certificate?

We distinguish between certificates and certification. A certification is an exam-based credential, often associated with a specific vendor (e.g., Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert). A professional development certificate is a cluster of courses that provide knowledge and training in a specific competency. This enables you to learn current skills and information from experienced industry professionals to improve your job skills and advance your career to the next level. For example, the Certificate of Project Management consists of six required courses and three electives. 

When are your courses offered?

Courses are held continuously throughout the year. Most offerings are during the day. Please see the individual programs and classes for exact timing.

What if a certificate program has already started? Do I have to wait until the next start-up session?

No. You can begin a certificate at any time. Courses can be taken out of sequence.

Are any certificates offered online?

Currently over 90% of Professional Development courses are offered in a live online format using Zoom. Please see the individual programs and classes for your format options.

Are there any prerequisites to enroll in a certificate program?

For open enrollment certificates, anyone who wishes to develop or improve job skills in a particular discipline can register.

For boot camps, please follow the admissions process outlined in the boot camp registration section.

Are there any prerequisites to enroll in a boot camp certificate?

Yes. The boot camps follow an admissions process. See the process outlined in the boot camp registration process.

Are there tests or exams involved in any certificate?

No. The skills you acquire in a certificate or course depend on your level of participation.

Who are the instructors in your program?

Because our courses emphasize practical skills and knowledge based on the current business environment, we select content experts who are practitioners in their respective fields. Because so many practitioners wish to teach for the U of M, we are able to screen and select the best instructors for our program. Certificates that lead to an exam are taught by instructors with the appropriate credentials. 

How are courses taught? Are they mostly lectures?

Because most of our students have work experience, they are often eager to share those experiences and even to challenge our instructors. Hence our courses focus on engagement and include a mixture of lecture, small group activities, and discussion.

Where are the classes held?

Professional development courses are held either online or at Magrath Library on the St. Paul U of M campus.

What are the class hours?

In-person: Most daytime classes start at 9:00 a.m. and finish at 4:00 p.m. Evening classes run from 6:00 to 9:00 p.m. Some programs start at 8:00 a.m.

Live online: Most classes run during the day in 3- to 4-hour increments and typically start at either 9:00 a.m. or noon. Please see the individual classes for exact details.

What is provided for in-person classes?

For daytime, in-person classes, a continental breakfast, lunch, and afternoon snacks are provided. For evening classes, box dinners are provided.

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